Monday, August 11, 2014

Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp - August 2014 Bootcamper of the Program

"Despite being a member for 2 years, I still feel challenged each class and continue to see results."

This August program marks my 2nd year with Body Buster Fitness.

I like the variety of the classes - no two are the same and there is always something new. I also really appreciate the attention of the trainers - getting that extra push and encouragement during the workout makes all the difference!

I have chosen to continue with the program because I truly enjoy it!  I look forward to the classes each week and working out with those in the class.

I think I am in the best shape I’ve ever been. Despite being a member for 2 years, I still feel challenged each class (thanks Dani!) and continue to see results. The program has motivated me to make other changes in my life as well; I walk everywhere, make healthier food choices, and have never slept so well!

I've played soccer most of my life and it's the way I used to keep fit.  When I stopped playing I struggled to find something new that would interest me long term.  One of my friends suggested the Body Buster program so I signed up for a month to give it a try and haven't looked back.  I am stronger, fitter and more confident than I’ve ever been!

It’s often difficult to fit in time for exercise - I find the Body Buster class times and locations make it very easy for me to attend.  After a long day sometimes the last thing you think you want to do is workout - no matter what my energy level is before class I always feel a sense of accomplishment after knowing I had a great work out, burned a ton of calories, and worked out the stress of the day!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Port Credit Fitness Bootcamp - Get Fit and Have Fun in a Great Mississauga Neighbourhood!

Mississauga Port Credit Fitness Bootcamp
Fitness is easy and enjoyable when you have motivation and support from others, and when it's close to home! More accountability, fewer excuses. Body Buster Fitness Mississauga Bootcamps are the perfect excuse to get outdoors! Rain or shine - the most fun way to work out is outdoors and with a group of great people, fun and supportive instructors, dynamic terrain and equipment! This combination creates the Body Buster Program that helps push you to achieve your personal best! We conduct classes in a group fitness environment in great communities like Port Credit to enjoy the challenge of a fun and vigorous workout, while encouraging each other to push it just a little bit further in a beautiful location.

Classes are FUN, MOTIVATING, CO-ED and ADDICTIVE! Challenge yourself to see how much you can accomplish and how great you will feel after just a few weeks in this unique fitness programExercising outdoors in the summer months in beautiful Port Credit is like no other workout! Somehow the fresh air, the grass, the sunshine (or rain! It cools a bootcamp-induced sweat!) and the open outdoor space just makes it the best type of workout there is! It's enjoyable, refreshing and fun. Our indoor location for the cooler months in Port Credit is also a great, convenient and easily-accessible space for you to stop by on your way to work, from work, or mid-morning after the kids go to school or daycare!
This Port Credit Fitness Bootcamp location in the heart of Mississauga by the lakeshore has it all. It is an indoor and outdoor year round location which enables Body Buster® Members the best of each world. Being able to work out inside and outside the convenient Mississauga Church location is ideal, especially when inclement weather occurs. With a few parks nearby, The Trinity Port Credit Anglican Church is the ideal Body Buster Mississauga location. It is a beautiful and convenient location in the warmer months, and a cozy location in the cooler months, right in the city of Mississauga.

Challenge yourself as Body Buster works you out Bootcamp style using a variety of exercises including cardiovascular endurance training, strength training, drills, circuits, pilates, obstacle courses, stretching and much more!

The program also includes a free fitness evaluation, a free 100 page member guide including nutrition tips and instruction from highly qualified instructors who get to know YOU and YOUR goals!

Missisauga Boot Camps - Port Credit, Ontario

26 Stavebank Road
Mississauga, ON L5G 2T5


Monday - 9:30 AM, Wednesday - 9:30 AM
Tuesday - 6:00 AM, Thursday - 6:00 AM
Wednesday - 6:30 PM, Friday - 6:30 PM