Monday, April 7, 2014

Body Buster Bootcamp April 2014 Bootcampers of the Program!

Kim & Kathy
"I love the feeling I am doing something good for my overall health." & "I have gained such a sense of accomplishment from regularly attending and participating."
I joined back in September 2012 for 3 months with another member and as of  April 2014, I just signed up for my 3rd year!
I love that I now have a fitness program in my weekly schedule.  Prior to joining Body Buster, the most activity I enjoyed were long hikes and bike rides. I look forward to each and every program and now have that I have this in my weekly structure, so when life is interrupted and I cannot make a program, I make certain I do my makeup class or I just do not feel the same. 
I have lost about 15 pounds and although I would like to lose more, I have lost inches from my legs, bootieJ and overall down a size.  
I love the feeling I am doing something good for my overall health. I am a mature women and it’s important to take care of myself. I feel great after each session and sleep so much better on the nights after my class.  The fact that each class is changed up. I can honestly say that not one class has been the same and never boring!
In terms of overall health, I feel younger, more youthful. I feel fit and I can see a difference, my family and friends also comment on seeing a difference. Exercising not only maintains your physical health but mental health as well. Also I can see amongst my personal friends that I have a better stamina and are able to do more physically prior to joining Body Buster.
I have gained respect from peers at work and in my personal life. I feel great that I am able to wear clothes that I feel great in! If I have had a stressful day at work, I can go to Body Buster and just release all that built up stress. I can forget about the day and feel like a new person heading home to the shower! I enjoy the feeling of good overall health that this program provides.  I am also gaining knowledge in nutrition, which is a subject I knew little about. 
Body Buster becomes an important part of your daily routine, it’s only an hour and the program is flexible that it allows you to fit into your schedule. It does not take a lot of time, it’s only one hour for a class and you get to meet other people such as yourself that are looking to improve or even maintain your overall health. It’s really a lot of fun and we have some great laughs along the way.
Before you say you just don’t have time, look at the older family members in your life. My mom in her late 60’s fell and broke her ankle. She was unable to leave the hospital because she did not have the upper body strength to hold herself up on crutches. I look now and feel if I had an accident, I would at the very least be strong enough to keep my mobility.  
I have a great time and look forward to every class. I love getting together with the friends I have made along the way and of course LOVE Kara and the other instructors. They make each class! I look forward to many more years with Body Buster.  
I`ve been a member of Body Buster Fitness, with my friend Kim, since September 2011 - hard to believe, time flies when you`re having fun!!  
What I love most about the Body Buster Program is the combination of motivating instructors with group dynamics – it’s like having a private instructor who knows how to help you get the most out of your workout combined with the support and comradery of a group.
I`ve lost 10 -15 pounds (depending on how close to the holidays or vacations my weigh ins are), I`m not really sure how many inches but I do know my pre-boot camp clothes are all too big.
The main reason I have stayed with Body Buster, and will continue to stay, is because it works for me.  This is the first fitness program I have ever stuck with - I`ve had many starts and stops at the gym over the years.  It`s the combination of the highly motivating instructors, the unique classes and the supportive classmates. I get more out of a one hour Body Buster class than I would in several one hour visits to the gym on my own, no two classes are ever the same, and the encouragement from fellow Bootcampers is fantastic!!
My overall health has improved tremendously since joining Body Buster– I not only weigh less, I have way more energy and strength, I sleep better and I definitely eat healthier.  I stop and think about what I`m eating relative to how hard I work in class to burn those calories off.
Not only is it good for the body, it`s good for the soul.  I have gained such a sense of accomplishment from regularly attending and participating.  No matter what my state of mind or enthusiasm level when I arrive at class, I always leave feeling positive.
The Body Buster Program is worth it in every way.  The time spent in class comes back tenfold with the increases in energy and strength you get from regular participation.  The results you get are equivalent to personal training without the high cost and with all the benefits of a being part of an encouraging group.
It’s important to make time for yourself and to feel good about yourself!!  A couple of hours a week is all it takes to get really noticeable results – it`s never too late to start.
Thank you Kara (and The Body Buster Team) and fellow Bootcampers for all your encouragement – you`re terrific!!