Monday, February 25, 2013

2012 Bootcamper Of The Year BootCamp

Congratulations Barb



Bootcamper of the YEAR 2012!

We would like to congratulate Barbara S. - Bootcamper of the YEAR 2012!
Barb has been with Body Buster since Feb 2011 making her a 2 year Bootcamper this coming February!
Barb not only has made every work out count - but she's done it with such a positive attitude and great spirit.
She proves every single class - that although it is not always easy we all have the ability to "get into our fitness zone" and kick butt!
Although we all want to look good, Barbara has expressed that her main goal is to work out NOW - before she "has to". She has been busting her body at 6am for the past 2 yrs to become stronger & healthier - and that she has.
Our bootcamper of the year is also an avid rower and has been rowing competitively for many years. After using the same muscles in the same ways for a long time, she decided that it would be a good idea to "change things up" and take some Body Buster Classes. And boy, was that a great idea. It was brought to Dani's (her instructor's) attention that she did absolutely AMAZING at her last test and shocked many others with her pace and accomplishments. 
We are so proud of Barb and her accomplishments with her fitness, nutrition and health. Barb has worked her way up to using 10Lb weights in the classes and pushes as hard as she can with every single repetition she does.
Barbara has made Body Buster, good health, good nutrition and well being a part of her life. She is a great role model and proves that with hard work and dedication - it is in fact possible to make positive changes in our body and mind.
Congratulations to Barb, the 2012 BODY BUSTER BOOTCAMPER OF THE YEAR!! 

-          The Body Buster Fitness® Team

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Carol-Ann & Lyna
Bootcampers, Friends, Body Buster Members

Carol-Ann & Lyna are two Body Buster Fitness Members who have made this fitness bootcamp program apart of their lives.
Outtakes Included.

9.9 out of 10 based on 20,519 ratings

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Fitness Bootcamp is one of the most effective forms of results driven fitness that gives participants results in a minimum amount of time. The Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp program specializes in focusing on each person's individual needs while motivating a group of members and delivering a hard core workout - The Body Buster Fitness Program. 


9.9 out of 10 based on 20,519 ratings

Etobicoke Bootcamp Toronto High Park Boot camper of the program


"I feel stronger and more confident. I like how my clothes fit better. I have made some great friends."

I started with Body Busters in the fall of 2012. This means I have survived for over a year now in the program!
I really like the commitment and support of the Body Buster Team, and the friendships and camaraderie amongst the participants in my class. It makes the program that much more fulfilling when you can have a few laughs in addition to a great workout.  In addition, its also nice to feel as though I am part of a team, even though many of the workouts are individually based.  And finally, I also like being able to workout outside in the park, its nice to be in the fresh air!
I haven’t measured. Ooops. I will add that to my list of to do’s for 2013! But my jeans are definitely looser! J
It has become part of my week, my routine. It’s also always nice to see everyone. But most of all, the positive results happen fast and keep me motivated.(Also, I am scared that if I stopped coming Dani would come to my house to find me!)
I feel really great. I feel strong and fit. It has also even improved athletic abilities in the other sports I do. Mentally it is really great to feel a sense of accomplishment for pushing through a hard work out.
I feel stronger and more confident. I like how my clothes fit better. I have made some great friends.
Try it. Actually give it your all and commit for a couple of sessions. It’s hard. But you will feel great and you will want to keep going.

 Things I have learned:
1)     Running with the ball will never get easier
2)      Always be prepared to do 10 more burpees even AFTER the “last” set of 10
3)      The 12 days of Christmas is no longer my favorite Christmas carol!

9.9 out of 10 based on 20,519 ratings