Thursday, January 16, 2014

Body Buster's 2013 BOOTCAMPER of the YEAR is....


Body Buster Fitness Bootcamper of the YEAR 2013!


Congratulations Jill - Body Buster Fitnes Bootcamper of the YEAR 2013!

A big congrats goes out to Jill C. in the High Park 7:30pm class.
Jill is an amazing Body Buster Bootcamper and has come such a long way in her many years taking the program.

Jill's positive attitude is inspiring and a pleasure to have in the class. 
She is dedicated, truly committed to her workouts and gives her all each and every class she does. Jill has made Body Buster a part of her life throughout many life changes - including working out Body Buster style before and after giving birth to her daughter Nov. 2012.

Jill's results have been incredible and are a reflection of how hard she has worked to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle in the Body Buster Fitness Program. Jill has  lost a total of 82 lbs - 30 lbs a few years ago when she first began with the program and then 52 lbs after her daughter was born (after gaining 40 lbs during her pregnancy).

Jill is the real deal. She comes to class to work on herself, to push past barriers and accomplish as much as she can while she's there. She continually revisits her nutrition as well to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

We are very proud of and happy for Jill. She has come a long way since beginning her journey with Body Buster and continues to meet and exceed fitness goals as time goes on.

Congratulations Jill - Body Buster Bootcamper of the Year 2013!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 2014 Bootcamper of the Program


I am a busy mom and life in general is very busy so it is nice to devote one hour a day for myself to do something good for my mind and body.

I have been a Body Buster Fitness member since September 9th 2013. 
What I like best about the Body Buster program is that it is constantly challenging my fitness ability, and every class is always different which keeps it fun and interesting.  The instructors are very motivating and continue to push me when I need it most.   
I have lost 5 pounds but I have gained a lot of muscle and lost lots of inches all over. 
I have continued with Body Buster because I love the results i have seen with my body and I love how I feel.  It’s a great way to start my day and I feel completely energized after my workout and for the rest of the day.  
In terms of overall health I feel much healthier. it is like a chain reaction, as soon as I started to do something for myself and started exercising again I started to eat clean again and the combination of the two has made me feel amazing. I have a lot more energy throughout the day which is great when I am taking care of my one year old, I am not as tired as I used to be anymore.  
I have gained from being a member of Body Buster Fitness is that i all around feel better about myself and I am much happier. i am a busy mom and life in general is very busy so it is nice to devote one hour a day for myself to do something good for my mind and body.  i love having a lot more energy to tackle the day, as well my stamina and cardio has dramatically improved which I love. 
I think Body Buster Fitness is a great program. All the instructors are fantastic and everyone is really nice. I am so glad I decided to join and I think they are going to be stuck with me now.
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mississauga Bootcamps

Mississauga / Port Credit Fitness Bootcamps - Body Buster Fitness
Mississauga / Port Credit Fitness Bootcamps!

Next Program Starts:  Soon!

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Mississauga Bootcamp
The Body Buster Fitness® Program
Program Overview

Designed for both women and men
Designed for all ages and all fitness levels
Participants enjoy 8 to 20 classes over a standard four (4) week program
Classes are held Monday to Friday in the mornings and evenings
Discounted membership rate on a multiple program package
Flexible and Well-Balanced

Body Buster Bootcamp® is a motivating style of group fitness. Participants will see positive results comparable to that of having personal training, but at a fraction of the cost. Body Buster® members will see maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Ideal for both women and men, Body Buster Bootcamp® targets all areas of the body through a well-balanced exercise program. This program was created specifically to be flexible and accommodating for all body types and fitness levels while still guaranteeing results.

Designed For Maximum Results

Every Body Buster Bootcamp® class is different! Over time, your body and muscles adapt to a regular routine, ultimately reaching a plateau. Your body gets used to the static routine, and stops improving. The Body Buster® program breaks you out of a boring, repetitive routine. Using a wide range of fitness equipment in class, members will improve physically with every class and never plateau. This is commonly referred to as "muscle confusion", and it is a good thing. Our fresh and unique program style takes advantage of a variety of exercises, equipment, and class formats. The Body Buster Bootcamp® program is designed to be different and more comprehensive than any other workout, giving you what you need to achieve maximum results.

Beyond Class

Many people describe Body Buster Bootcamp® as being like "personal training in a group environment". Our instructors will teach you the correct way to do exercises and use equipment. You will learn proper techniques for various cardiovascular drills and circuits used in class. These are exercise routines and techniques you can do yourself outside of class, in your own time, at home, at work, on the weekend, whenever, and whereever! The Body Buster Bootcamp® program will continuously challenge you to get fit, have fun, and improve your overall health.

The Trinity Port Credit Anglican Church
Indoor / Outdoor Mississauga / Port Credit Boot Camp

Beyond your typical fitness boot camp:

This Port Credit Fitness Bootcamp location in the heart of Mississauga has it all. Indoor and outdoor year round location which enables Body Buster® Members the best of each world. Being able to work out in and outside the Mississauga Church is ideal especially when inclement weather occurs. With a few parks nearby, The Trinity Port Credit Anglican Church is the ideal Body Buster® Mississauga location. It is a beautiful and convenient location in the warmer months, and a cozy location in the cooler months right in the city of Mississauga.

26 Stavebank Road
Mississauga, ON L5G 2T5


Monday - 9:30 AM, Wednesday - 9:30 AM

Tuesday - 6:00 AM, Thursday - 6:00 AM

Wednesday - 6:30 PM, Friday - 6:30 PM