Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Fitness is in Full Swing at Body Buster Bootcamp!

We've been busting bodies outdoors since April and loving it - and we can't wait for the sun to shine next week, just in time for the May 30th, 2011 bootcamp to begin!

Exercising outdoors is a fitness experience like no other - especially when you do it BOOTCAMP STYLE! It's fun, refreshing, exhilarating and dynamic! Body Buster takes pride in its unique fitness program provided by qualified, caring instructors. 

Come join us this summer for a fitness program that gets you EXCITED about getting into shape. Enjoy our program in High Park, Etobicoke or Mississauga and get fit FAST while having fun in a co-ed, group environment. 1 hour classes, from 2 to 5 days per week, morning or evening options available.

Visit to find out more! Or give us a call at 416-619-4456 and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Congratulations Jonnie - Bootcamper of the Program for April, 2011!

We would like to give a big congrats to Jonnie at the HP location!

I've been a Body Buster Fitness member since October of 2010 and have attended class regularly ever since.  I first signed up for a month, loved it!  I then signed up for three months, got hooked!  Now I'm doing a 6 month term and I don't know what I'd do without it!

My favourite aspect about Body Buster is that extra push from the instructors.  Everyone gets those moments where they doubt they can move their muscles another inch and that the tank has run dry.  With the "help" of the instructors I've been able to fight through it in a way that I was never able to before.  Now when I hear "LAST TEN!" I put the burn aside and give everything, it's been amazing.

In my case I didn't attend Body Buster for weight loss. I wanted to tone up and feel healthier.  It worked much better and faster than I had expected, I've gained around 10 pounds of muscle!  My twig legs.. well they're not so twiggy anymore... thanks squat jumps!

Continuing with Body Buster is not something I debate at all, it's a must. This is a lifestyle, and it's exactly what I was looking for.  I never want to miss a class, let alone an entire session.

The health benefits of Body Buster Fitness have been tremendous.  I really enjoy pushing myself as a stress reliever after a tough work day. I've been feeling lighter on my feet as every class goes by.  I'm stronger and more agile as well.  In the past I was starting to feel winded when climbing stairs and now I'm running up them 2 at a time.

Body Buster has given me the confidence to push past any of the limitations that I believed I had in the past. I was my own worst enemy, not believing that I could do certain things and just getting in my own way. Now I'm looking to better myself everyday. The amount of drive that I've gained from the program is incredible.. seems believing that you can is a much bigger step than actually doing, once the former comes.. the latter is a piece of cake.

The instructors at Body Buster truly care that you're getting what you need out of the program. They're not just filling in time at their job.  Sometimes you wish they hadn't seen you when you dropped your aching arms, or couldn't hold your squat. But it's the fact that they did that helps to encourage you and keep you pushing on.  A BIG thank you gos out to Lisa and Dani!.. the kickers of my butt.

Body Buster would like to congratulate you on your accomplishment!

 Click here to view Jonnie on our 'Featured Bootcamper' webpage!  

Way to GO!

Congratulations Doug - Bootcamper of the Program for March, 2011!

We would like to give a big congrats to Doug at the HP location!

For me Body Buster works well because I just have to turn up and do my best at each exercise and do not have to think!  Once I get there, the hard work is done by me.

I know the instructors have suitably designed the sessions to cover cardio, strength training and endurance. The exercise countdowns especially keep me going because no matter the pain, I know there are only 10 or 20 more to go ( or until Kara slips in another 10 after that!). I particularly like being outdoors in High Park which has been the majority of the sessions.

I have lost a net 9 lbs. I say 'net' because for sure I have lost more flab than that but have built some muscle as replacement.

I am continuing with Body Buster for all the reasons noted above and the fact that each session has some variation or new exercise so it never becomes routine. The sessions are each still a challenge and I see that I can still progress. The instructors take an interest in my personal progress and will provide individual tips or directions.

I feel that joining Body Buster has reversed what was a negative developing trend in my strength, fitness and weight as I got older each year . This was easily measured in my last annual physical and is evident in my overall energy on a daily basis.

The instructors keep the classes fun and there is a certain camaraderie in the group from being there at 6AM. The collective groan when another set of burpees is announced is testimony to the group spirit. There have been 3 instructors at different times over the year and all have been excellent to work with.

The flexibility to customize a schedule in each program to fit with vacations and my work travel commitments as they arise is great.  I would recommend the Body Buster programs to anyone who wants to make a change like mine.

Body Buster would like to congratulate you on your accomplishment!

Way to GO!