Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keep Fit & Energized Through the Coming Fall with Body Buster Fitness Bootcamps! TWO New Locations in Toronto!

Fall is fast-approaching, whether we want to believe it or not!

What better way to stay motivated, energized, fit and feeling positive throughout the Fall than with a Body Buster BOOTCAMP?

Body Buster Fitness Bootcamps are easy to fit into your busy schedule throughout the Fall and Winter months. Qualified Body Buster Trainers will help you achieve maximum results in minimum time. BOOTCAMP work outs are efficient and NOT time consuming!

TWO NEW LOCATIONS! - September 14th at “The Annex” (Bloor & Spadina) in Toronto, and October 19th we are adding a downtown location!

We're not JUST an excercise group! We're so much more. Get Fit, Have Fun and Feel GREAT! Enjoy Body Buster Fitness - JOIN TODAY!

VISIT or CALL 416-619-4456 for more information and to register!