Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fitness Bootcamp Etobicoke Toronto bootcamper of the program


Congratulations Ranjeev!

"I enjoy the class environment and I appreciate the encouragement, support and motivation I get from my classmates and my instructor."

First and foremost, thank you for selecting me as “Bootcamper of the Program”.  I have been a member of Body Buster Fitness since September 2011.  I originally signed up for a three month package to see what Body Buster Fitness was all about and see if I could do this.  Initially it was very challenging but with the encouragement of my instructor, Huy, and my classmates, I signed up for another six sessions.  Once that was complete, I decided to continue for another year!

There are many things that I like about the Body Buster Program but I would have to say being a part of a supportive and motivating environment stands out.  The foundation for this starts with my instructor Huy.  He ensures that we are all doing our exercises correctly to avoid injury and pushes us to “embrace the burn” do those “last ten” to get the most out of our tough workouts.  He is a wealth of information on various topics related to diet, exercise and recovery and is always willing to help us out.  I also like that EVERY class is different.  Each class is always fresh and I never know what to expect other than I will be challenged and I will finish class knowing that I had a great workout.

I am very happy with my results to date.  I have lost about 20 pounds since starting last year.  More importantly my body is toned and I have seen an improvement in my overall strength, endurance and flexibility.

I choose to continue with Body Buster as I know that I would not be successful doing this on my own.  I enjoy the class environment and I appreciate the encouragement, support and motivation I get from my classmates and my instructor Huy.  Huy is always available before or after class to discuss personal goals or provide advice on how to build upon the progress my class has seen so far.

My overall health has improved greatly since I’ve joined Body Buster Fitness.  I feel stronger both mentally and physically.  I have more self-confidence and energy.  This program has such an impact on my well-being that I am happy to say that I have been off my medications for rheumatoid arthritis for over a year.  I am ecstatic about this development and this could not have been accomplished without the great people at Body Buster Fitness.

Since becoming a member of Body Buster I have gained a better appreciation for maintaining an active lifestyle as part of my overall well being.  Playing into that are the intangibles of improved self-confidence, self-esteem, a positive attitude and discipline. 

I recommend the Body Buster Program to anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their lifestyle, whether you’re a beginner or not.  This program is challenging but you will have fun each class and meet a great number of people with similar outlooks.  A great feature of the program is that you can work at an intensity suited your fitness level and you can set your goals for improvement as you progress.  All the instructors provide support and motivation at every class.  They have a modification for every exercise to either challenge or decrease the intensity.  Give it a try, you be happy that you did!

I would like to thank the Body Buster Team for this recognition.  Without you I would not have achieved the results that I have attained thus far.  I look forward to the fun and challenge at the next class!