Monday, August 11, 2014

Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp - August 2014 Bootcamper of the Program

"Despite being a member for 2 years, I still feel challenged each class and continue to see results."

This August program marks my 2nd year with Body Buster Fitness.

I like the variety of the classes - no two are the same and there is always something new. I also really appreciate the attention of the trainers - getting that extra push and encouragement during the workout makes all the difference!

I have chosen to continue with the program because I truly enjoy it!  I look forward to the classes each week and working out with those in the class.

I think I am in the best shape I’ve ever been. Despite being a member for 2 years, I still feel challenged each class (thanks Dani!) and continue to see results. The program has motivated me to make other changes in my life as well; I walk everywhere, make healthier food choices, and have never slept so well!

I've played soccer most of my life and it's the way I used to keep fit.  When I stopped playing I struggled to find something new that would interest me long term.  One of my friends suggested the Body Buster program so I signed up for a month to give it a try and haven't looked back.  I am stronger, fitter and more confident than I’ve ever been!

It’s often difficult to fit in time for exercise - I find the Body Buster class times and locations make it very easy for me to attend.  After a long day sometimes the last thing you think you want to do is workout - no matter what my energy level is before class I always feel a sense of accomplishment after knowing I had a great work out, burned a ton of calories, and worked out the stress of the day!

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