Monday, June 17, 2013

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The Burpee - It's Burpee Mania
By Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp

The burpee is the ultimate full body exercise. See  why Body Buster Instructors use the burpee in their workouts. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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"I found that my strength, endurance, and general well-being had improved with each class"
I have been a Body Buster Fitness member since the Fall of 2010. I had been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and was generally feeling unwell and tired. I wanted to join a fitness program to regain my health and to relieve some stress...and possibly lose some weight in the process. I surfed the net looking to find a boot camp style fitness program and came across Body Buster Fitness. 

I prompted a friend to join with me and attended class soon after. It was one of the best decisions I had ever made! Body Buster Fitness was no doubt the solution to remedy the health problems I had been having. I found that my strength, endurance, and general well-being had improved with each class I attended....and I dropped 2 dress sizes and several inches just a couple of months into the program!

I feel completely energized after each and every class. The general feeling of well-being fuels me throughout the week. I absolutely love everything about this program: the instructors are encouraging and friendly, the outdoor locations are great, the workouts are always different and challenging but you can work at your own pace, and there are several classes offered to fit your schedule...very important for a busy working mother as myself.

No one should shy away from joining Body Buster Fitness because the instructors take your individual abilities into account. Whether you're a hardcore or lightweight athlete, you can work at the level that will fit your needs and abilities. The instructors help you during your workout should you require any modifications. I recently came back to Body Buster Fitness from a knee injury and subsequent surgery and the instructors have helped me tremendously to get me back to where I had left off.The encouragement, kindness, and generosity of my instructors have truly aided in my recovery and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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Rebecca - Langley/Surrey

I'm continuing the Body Buater program because I feel really awesome about myself
I started Body Buster 8 weeks ago because I felt that my own self-directed exercise wasn't cutting it. I didn't push myself and I wasn't seeing any results. It has also been a difficult and mentally intense time in my career, and I realized I needed something to focus on that would help me cultivate discipline and energy.
What I like the most about Body Buster is that I get into what my instructor Kim calls "the fitness zone," in which I really dedicate my time to pushing my limits.
I never leave class feeling any less than accomplished and proud. I was also pretty excited to see I had lost 1 inch from my bicep after 4 weeks! I donate blood regularly, and so I have my blood pressure and beats per minute measured frequently. At my last appointment, my beats per minute had gone down by 10! I know my cardiovascular health has improved. That being said, I do not pay too much attention to the numbers aspect of health and fitness.
I focus on my everyday experiences and my physical and emotional well being. Since starting the program, I have more energy, I am happier and happier with myself, and I find every day activities like carrying groceries much easier!  But for me, the most important thing I have gained is a transformation in my perception of myself. I have never, ever considered myself athletic and have always struggled to feel confident doing any kind of sports. I've also had bad experiences in the past with competitive sports and the judgements of others. But with Body Buster, I'm seeing myself as a *fit* person, and that is an incredible feeling.
I believe Body Buster is noncompetitive and a safe place for people of all body types and fitness levels to explore their fitness. I'm sure there are a lot of people like me who struggle to see themselves as anything but unathletic, and Body Buster could be a sea change for them like it was for me. I'm continuing the Body Buater program because I feel really awesome about myself overall by participating.