Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Body Buster in the Community - Out of the Cold Program

Body Buster Members and Staff have been helping out at the Out of the Cold Program ( - the program helps to provide safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter to the homeless community throughout the City of Toronto.

Body Buster's and every helper's involvement includes shopping for, preparing, cooking and serving breakfasts and dinners @ St Margaret's Church at 156 6th Street, throughout the cold months.

The combination of great music playing, fantastic company and a good cause makes for a great experience. Come join us! The more the merrier and the faster things get done! Email us at for information on how to get involved!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Congratulations to Sandra - Our Bootcamper of the Program for December!

Sandra - well done! 
You are our Bootcamper of the Program!

  "I'm 15lb. lighter and almost a couple of sizes smaller. It feels great! You make me feel great. My physical well-being contributes to my mental well-being and my own self worth. I truly believe that. And when you have that you have everything!"

For more info on Sandra's accomplishments, visit:

If you want to start accomplishing your own fitness goals while having a blast, visit for more information and to register!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Give the Gift of Health, Fitness and Fun!

Body Buster Bootcamp Gift Certificates make the Perfect Gift!

Wrap-up the perfect Warm-up for that special someone. 

Personalized, thoughtful, and a gift that they'll be extremely grateful for. 

Who doesn't want a FUN way to get fit, fast! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Body Buster Basket Drive 2010 - Mission Accomplished!

For the 3rd year in a row, Body Buster members went out to help support the Gift Basket Drive for Women's Shelters:

The Annual Gift Basket Drive for Women’s Shelter’s delivers gift baskets during the holiday season to women in crisis in shelters and other organisations throughout Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, East York and North York.  The gift baskets are created by volunteers and the items in the baskets are donated by individuals and businesses in the community.

In total the drive was able to make just under 1,800 baskets this year!!


Way to go everyone!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Calling all Volunteers! Body Buster needs Bodies for Baskets, and more!

Body Buster in the Community
Come Help Out! All Members, Friends & Family Welcome!

November 27th - Gift Baskets for Women's Shelters

Basket Builders meet at 10:00am at  580 Evans Avenue ( see map here )


November 30th - Out of the Cold Program: First of Four Dates!
#1 - Cook a Hot Breakfast for the Homeless
St. Margaret's Church, 156 - 6th Street ( see map here )
Arrive by 5:30 am to start cooking breakfast
**Please contact to confirm your attendance and ask any questions. We need bodies - the more the merrier! Bring your kids out to get their volunteer hours, and to participate in the local community! Wear your Body Buster Tshirt for photo ops :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bootcamper of the Program for October - Congrats Lily!

Congratulations Lily!

We would like to give a big congrats to Lily at the ES location! 


I have been a member of Body Buster Fitness since March of 2009. I love the variety of workouts. It is never the same thing twice. The best part of going to these classes is that it forces you to work out areas that you would not be normally working out.

I am way more toned, I have more energy and I feel much stronger. It is now a lifestyle for me. I don't think about whether I will continue or should I continue. I can't imagine NOT going to Body Buster. I have arthritis and building strength is very important. I also feel way more confident in how I feel and look.

I have total faith in my instructor Kara and trust her knowledge and judgment with all aspects of my participating in this program. I have learned a lot about what sort of exercises work best together in order to get the most from it. I look forward to coming to my Monday and Wednesday night classes with Kara. She works us hard, but she does it in a positive way. Her infectious smile and positive approach keeps us all enthralled.

I actually dread the weeks off -- and count the days til the next class. Body Buster would like to congratulate Lily on her accomplishments! Way to GO!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bootcamper of the Program for September - Congrats Nana!


I have been a member since November 2008 almost 2 years!! I love that every class is unique. Every class is an opportunity to try different variations of familiar exercises. I love the comradery of working with a group of people - it keeps it fun! Expect the unexpected is what I always think when going into class.

I am about 30 pounds  lighter and have gone down four dress sizes. I just recently fit into my "skinny jeans" that were in the back of my closet - I love it!! 

Body Buster has become part of my regular exercise routine. My week does not feel complete unless I do my classes. The feeling of accomplishment that I experience after every class is something I have never felt with any other exercise routine I have tried. I am proud of myself after every class that I completed it and now I can't live without it!!
I have never felt so strong physically. This feeling has traversed into my everyday life. I have become much more flexible and agile, and it has encouraged me to make exercise part of my everyday life. I have increased energy, de -stresses me after a long day of work and has encouraged me to eat properly and respect my body. I feel l have less limitations of what I can't do and approach everything in class with "I can do this" attitude.

Body Buster is a wonderful network of people with positive attitudes and encouragement. There is nothing like working out with a group of people that are trying to accomplish the same goals as you are. I feel like I am part of a team - that we in this together. I look forward to class, to seeing everyone and how far they have come and how hard they work. It pushes me to be the best that I can be.

Body Buster has been a life changing experience for me. I want to thank the Etobicoke South crew who  rain or shine are out there with me, being so positive and keeping it fresh and fun.  I just wanted to give a special shout out to my girl Kara who always pushes me to challenge myself, work harder, increase my intensity and "bring it" to every class. Mind over Body become my motto !! it has been a privilege to learn from you and be part of your class..thank you!! 

Body Buster would like to congratulate Nana on her accomplishments! Way to GO!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Team Body Buster @ the Run for the Cure 2010!

Team Body Buster before the Run!
Yesterday was the CIBC Run for the Cure 2010! Team Body Buster was there in great spirits, all clad in crazy gear and decked out in PINK!

We ran and walked 1km and 5km through the streets of downtown Toronto amongst 20,000 other people, being cheered on by people with motivating signs and shouting "KEEP GOING"! There were musicians on nearly every street playing music to keep us pumped, and signs at every kilometer mark to let us know we were getting closer and closer to the finish.

Everyone did an amazing job fundraising, generating team spirit, and walking/running. We raised OVER $5,000!!! We are so happy!! The total run itself raised over $5,000,000!

We just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the run, and to especially thank everyone who donated! Our team captain Tanya was awesome as well and we thank her for the amazing work she did!

View more photos of the Run on our facebook page here:

We are also still accepting donations for the RUN - as we have a goal of $7,500 and would love to reach that goal! Visit our team sponsorship page here: 

Until next year Bootcampers! And again, GREAT JOB!! :) We are so proud!!

Some of Team Body Buster after the Run!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Body Buster at Franklin Horner Community Centre's 6th Annual Family Fun Fair Extravaganza

Body Buster was invited again to take part in the Franklin Horner Community Centre's 6th Annual Family Fun Fair Extravaganza!

We had great weather, and a great time! Surrounded by fun, games and entertainment (bouncy castles, fresh grilled corn on the cob, Johnny Toronto on a unicycle and juggling fire, an Elvis impersonator, just to name a few!), the Body Buster Team enjoyed the day in the sun, meeting with tons of great people.

Body Buster's Booth at the Extravaganza
Team Body Buster with Toronto City Councillor, Mark Grimes
Kara and Michelle just LOVE Johnny Toronto!

Thanks again for having us! Until next year!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bootcamper of the Program for August - Congrats Mary!

We would like to give a big congrats to Mary at the EC location! Mary has been working hard at bootcamp for the past 2 years and her results have been amazing! In the past few programs, Mary has really "amped it up" with even more positive energy, more drive, motivation and hard work. Mary is a pleasure to have in class and is always encouraging her fellow bootcampers and cracking jokes!
We are very proud of Mary! She is a great example of a true "Bootcamper"!


I have been a boot camper for over two years.  What I like the most is the diversity of each class and, especially the outdoor classes.  Never a boring moment. 

To date I have lost about eight inches all around.  And I have found that my strength, flexibility and endurance have improved considerably throughout the program.  I have more energy (except immediately following class), and find that I push myself a bit more with each exercise. 
My Body Buster class is a mix of young, old, men and women.  We encourage each other and it's very motivating when I can do just as much or more than those much younger then me! 

Healthwise, I have seen a decrease in BMI and improvement in cholesterol levels - that's what burpees do for us.  And lower back pain has lessened!

I am glad now that I was convinced to join a class because I now look forward to coming to Boot Camp....even ball night.  Thank you, Kara and Dani!  And I signed up for another year of Body Buster.

Body Buster would like to congratulate
Mary on her accomplishments! Way to GO!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Team Body Buster Gets Set to Run for the Cure!

Join Body Buster in the 
Fight aginst Breast Cancer! 

October 3rd, 2010 is the Annual CIBC Run for the Cure and
Team Body Buster is at it again!  We are getting ready to run at the CIBC Run For the Cure!

Let's get together to combat breast cancer and have some fun! Put on your PINK and run with us!

You can register two ways - by searching for the team name 'Team Body Buster', or by searching via the Team Coordinator, the awesome, "Tanya Imola". 

Tanya will be providing regular updates with fundraising tips, messages of inspiration from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, etc.   and other fun and motivating thoughts/tips.

BOOTCAMPERS: We can all do this!
You can run or walk 5km, OR run or walk 1km. This means ANYONE and EVERYONE can do this!  Ask you family members and friends to join Team Body Buster in the fight against breast cancer! The more the merrier. If for any reason you can't participate, we strongly strongly encourage that you support the team financially, and help us meet our goal to raise $2,000.

For more information you may contact our Team Leader (Tanya) at

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Body Buster Bootcamp!

This morning was an exciting time for the Body Buster(r) Team, our members, and their friends and family!

A huge thank-you to everyone who came! It was definitely time to celebrate and have some fun - Bootcamp Style!

Body Buster celebrated their 3rd anniversary of bootcamp today at Franklin Horner Community Centre in Etobicoke with a giant, hour-long bootcamp class, led by instructors Dani, Kara, Huy and Lisa!

Gather Round! A Huge Thank You!

The day started off with a huge thank you from all the instructors, and a heartfelt speech from Dani. Awards and a special thank-you were presented to our two long-term members Tanya and Nada, who have been with us from the very beginning!

Many members and their friends and family participated. There were more burpees going on than we've ever seen in one place at one time! Woohoo! In four rotating "stations", participants enjoyed drills, squats, v-sits, pumping muscles with resistance bands, plank holds, pushups, matwork, stretching and much more. 
Kids were also invited, and got to let mom & dad do bootcamp while they blew bubbles, played bocce ball, had an "egg on the spoon" race, and did what kids do best - find things to play with that aren't toys (the cardboard box phenomenon) - the Body Buster orange pylons!

The Egg on a Spoon Race
After they got their bodies busted by the 4 instructors, participants were invited to continue on with the Body Buster Olympics! Everyone did amazing, but Tanya and Huy battled it out to over 5 minutes of plank holds (the debate continues as to whether crazy Huy's knee grazed the ground! hehe!), and Donovan won the 1km race with a huge lead! We decided not to put you through the agony (what agony!?) of doing as many burpees as possible in one minute, as you had all already done so much good work today. You are forgiven...... just this once. :) After all, the REAL bootcamp classes start tomorrow!! Oh yeah!

Everyone doing the Plank in the Body Buster Olympics
Huy's Plank!

Cheering Tanya on while she Planks!
Congrats Donovan! Olympics 1km Race Winner!
The afternoon was topped off by a few healthy refreshments, some chatting & mingling, and most important on this occasion, some birthday cake!

Thanks again to everyone who has made the last 3 years of Body Buster so amazing, so postive, and so exciting. We are more thankful than you know, and are so pleased to see how our the Body Buster Program has enriched your lives.

Many more exciting years to come!

The Body Buster Team

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congratulations to Tatjana - Our Bootcamper of the Program for July!

Amazing job, Tatjana! You are our Bootcamper of the Program for the July program!

You can view more details about Tatjana's accomplishments by clicking here:

 "It has improved my body and physical strength in ways that I could never achieve before."

If you want to start accomplishing your own fitness goals while having a blast, visit for more information and to register!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bootcamp Benefits - Hear it from a Member!

Carly Says:

Body Buster fitness has been an amazing experience all around. Signing up was simple. Our instructor is absolutely amazing and always brings something new and challenging to class every time which makes it that much more exciting to participate!

The other people on the class make it an extremely positive environment so it always helps motivate you when you think you are about to give up. It is also nice to see the owners come to help out and watch some of the classes so you know they really care about your progress and not just a pay cheque. I am recommending these classes to a bunch of my friends so they too can take advantage of the amazing level of fitness (just in time for bikini season when we need it the most).

I have only completed 2 sessions so far but I am signed up for another 2 and will definitely be joining for the remainder of the year. Thanks for the amazing experience!

Register Today at - Remember, if you're going on vacation you can still work around it! Call 416-619-4456 for more information!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going on Vacation this Summer? Your Bootcamp Doesn't Have To!

Did you know you can register for a custom Summer program?

This is to avoid letting the Summer heat melt away all the hard work you've put in so far, while you're on vacation! You don't have to commit to a full program, but you also don't have to miss an entire program either! We all deserve to relax sometimes!

How it works is you choose a minimum of 4 classes, any date and any available class time during the July and August 4 week bootcamp programs!

Visit this link to check out your options! 

Enjoy your vacations and looking forward to seeing you in class!

Register for regular programs too at or call 416-619-4456 for information!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congratulations to Tricia - Our Bootcamper of the Program for June!

Tricia - well done! You are our Bootcamper of the Program!

  "Every program I attend I feel I can accomplish more than the program before."

If you want to start accomplishing your own fitness goals while having a blast, visit for more information and to register!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer's Almost Here! Body Buster Bootcampers See Results in as Little as 4 Weeks Time!

It's officially the middle of June which means Summer's just around the corner! Your pant legs and sleeves are getting shorter and shorter, and you're feeling the itch to get outside into the warm weather!

Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp is the perfect excuse to get outdoors! Rain or shine - the most fun way to work out is outdoors and with a group of great people, fun and supportive instructors, dynamic terrain and equipment! This combination creates the Body Buster Program that helps push you to achieve your personal best! (Our classes are in the early mornings, or later evenings - so you're not working out in the middle of the afternoon heat). The next program starts July 5, 2010 - Register Today!

High Park in the Morning

Katie Says:

"After joining body buster in December I thought I would only be signing up for a one month session however once you start I find you cant stop! It's a very great motivator for this time a year as I tend to become very lazy and enjoy the couch way to much! So far the results are wonderful and the instructor is awesome! I have just signed up for a following 6 months and I am really looking forward to the outdoor classes. Although each class is a challenge and doesn't seem to be getting much easier, the way you feel after accomplishing another class is like no other! Body Buster is great and I hope to have some friends joining in the near future!"

Etobicoke West in the Evening

Invest in yourself and have fun this Summer with Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp. Achieving goals feels great - especially when it makes you look great too!

Visit to register today! You can visit or call 416-619-4456  for more information.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"I think that Bootcamp is Amazing" - Tanya, Bootcamper of the Program (May)!

Congratulations Tanya! She is our Bootcamper of the Program for May 2010!

You could be next! Check out the Featured Bootcamper page at

The next 4 week program starts next week (May 31) - don't forget to register for your favorite location, as the classes are filling up very fast (especially with this amazing weather we've been having)!

Here's a tip that saves you time and money: Sign up for 3 consecutive programs when you register for the next May 31 program. It saves you time, in that you don't have to register each month, and you will be making sure for yourself that you get consistent fitness through to the end of the summer! You also save at least $45 this way, depending on how many days per week you will be attending. For more information on pricing and savings, visit this link

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and remember, sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! (That's the obvious health tip of the week!) :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outdoor Spring Fitness is in Full Swing! Getting your Body Busted is Fun with Body Buster Bootcamp!

Body Buster Bootcamp's Spring 2010 Program is in full swing at all locations! Members have enjoyed working out in the beautiful outdoors, no matter what the weather, because it's BOOTCAMP!

 Bootcampers Pushing for More in Etobicoke Central

Exercising outdoors is an experience like no other workout! Somehow the fresh air, the grass, the sunshine (or rain! It cools a bootcamp-induced sweat!) and the open outdoor space just makes it the best type of workout there is! It's enjoyable, refreshing and fun.

 Feeling the burn in Etobicoke West!

Quite a few months left to take advantage of this outdoor fitness bootcamp program, with the next one starting on May 31st at all locations! Visit to get more information and to register! You can get fit and see great results in just 4 weeks time, which is perfect timing to tone up for Summer!

Working Hard and Having Fun in Mississauga!

Challenge yourself to see how much you can accomplish and how great you will feel after just a few weeks in this unique fitness program. Join Toronto's Best Quality Fitness Bootcamp - in Mississauga, Etobicoke, High Park, Bloor West, The Beaches and The Danforth! Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp!
Just a little lower! You can do it! Teamwork in Mississauga!

Visit or call 416-619-4456 for more information today!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Get Up, Get Excited, Get Outdoors and Get Fit this Spring with Body Buster Bootcamp!

Finally! The time of year we have all been waiting for - Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp classes are now officially outdoors for the Spring and Summer programs!!

There's just something about exercising outdoors that is so much better and more enjoyable!! Getting down and a little dirty, muddy, and grass-stained never hurt anyone and only leaves proof (besides your toned muscles and decreased inches!) that you've been working hard and having fun, BOOTCAMP-style!

Be prepared this Spring for the next outdoor program starting April 26th - the weather around here has been pretty great we must say, however it can get chilly fast in the early morning and evenings! Bring with you to class whatever you need to keep warm - gloves, toques, earmuffs, rain gear - to ensure that you will be comfortable through the class and benefit fully from your workout!

Register quickly because just like you, everyone is excited to get outdoors and start getting into tip top shape for Spring and soon-to-be swimsuit season! Classes have already started filling up very quickly so get your spot today! We are now offering classes in High Park/Bloor West, Etobicoke, Mississauga, The Danforth/East York & The Beaches!

** Enter the promo code "online bootcamp" at for a special savings of up to $30 off the April 26th Program! **

For more information about the Body Buster Program visit or call 416-619-4456. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bootcamps in The Beaches, The Danforth & Mississauga Now Available!

Body Buster Fitness is now proud to offer three new locations for our exciting outdoor Fitness Bootcamps in Mississauga (Near Dixie & Burnhamthorpe), The Beaches (Kew Gardens) & The Danforth / East York (Withrow Park) areas starting on April 26th!

If you are interested in joining an exciting fitness program that gets you fit, feeling great and enjoying the outdoors while getting in your best shape EVER at a location that is convenient for you, visit one of the following sites:

These sites give you an opportunity to take advantage of an EARLY BIRD SAVINGS - But you'll notice as it gets closer to the April 17th Discount Deadline, the price goes up! Join the 4 Week Program starting April 26th to commit to your fitness and enjoy this fabulous Spring weather! Body Buster Bootcamp is exciting, invigorating, and you will see and feel amazing results fast!

Visit for more information on the program, or give us a call at (416) 619-4456!