Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Toronto Bootcamp Bloor West High Park



"I feel confident that I am making progress each and every opportunity I am in a class."

I have been with Body Buster for the duration of a year and a half. My enrollment was based on proximity to home and the challenge of trying something new. My immediate interest in the program began as an evening member. Working full-time and being a full-time parent, the evening classes were no longer suitable to my schedule. After reviewing the many options available to me, I have switched to the 6am program three times a week. My workouts are consistent and work for me!!
The instructors are amazing! Huy and Dan are top-notch! They are two instructors that challenge me each and every class. Even with some modifications to aspects of my program, I feel confident that I am making progress each and every opportunity I am in a class! The instructors are knowledgeable, approachable and understanding of the diverse work out needs of their members.
My gauge is my clothing! I have toned, slimmed down in my thighs and legs and have lost a dress size and a half. Overall I am pleased and continue to make progress in my workouts!
Body Buster is conveniently located in High Park and the times available suit my schedule. In addition I truly love the enthusiasm, commitment and attention of the Body Buster team. They make every experience during every class different, challenging and fun!
My overall health has been fantastic. I feel happier, healthier and more active than ever. Having a program as rigorous as Body Buster can be intimidating, but the overall benefit surpasses the intimidation. As a long term member, I will continue my association with Body Buster because of the overall feeling of great health and fitness!
I have gained a sense of self-confidence being a member of Body Buster. I was still battling my weight after having my daughter and Body Buster allowed me to re-shape my body. Weekly classes have a specific focus, which benefit my overall performance and ability. In addition my overall physical strength and endurance have improved.
Try it because you will love it!
Don’t let the first class intimidate you….stick with it!