Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Body Buster BOOTCAMP – Bust Through Winter into the New Year with a FUN Fitness Resolution!

This time of year is always a busy one, and not everyone has time or even motivation to keep up with a fitness routine. Those tempting treats and holiday obligations can be distracting. Now is a great time to think ahead! Body Buster BOOTCAMP’s next 4 week session starting January 11th is the perfect time to start stepping into a new you for the new year! Sign up now – who says you need to wait until January 1st to make YOUR new year’s resolution? Beat the rush – Join today!
Body Buster BOOTCAMP is a different and extremely effective approach to fitness. Self-motivation is hard, especially when it comes to fitness. Body Buster’s BOOTCAMP program is designed to keep you challenged, interested and continuously seeing results. This increases your motivation to get fit, which in turn makes you feel great, look awesome, and WANTING to come back for more! The group fitness program allows you to customize your fitness experience, while your scheduled class keeps your routine regular and effective!

Qualified Body Buster trainers are there to guide you through the challenging program, keeping you as physically active as possible, providing nutritional advice and exercise modification tips, as well as a positive environment. This is not your ordinary fitness program – it’s Body Buster BOOTCAMP!
With locations in Etobicoke West, Etobicoke Central and Etobicoke South, as well as the High Park/Bloor West area (indoor and outdoor classes rotating seasonally, year-round) and class times available in the morning or evening, from 2 to 5 days per week, Body Buster works with your schedule!
For more information about Body Buster Fitness BOOTCAMP please visit http://www.BodyBusterFitness.com or Call (416) 619-4456!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Body Buster BOOTCAMP Gift Certificates! Give the Gift of Health, Fitness & Fun!

Body Buster BOOTCAMP Gift Certificates! Give the Gift of Health, Fitness & Fun!

Trying to find the perfect gift but feeling stumped? You can change someone's life by giving them a new body they can be proud of and confident in!
Body Buster BOOTCAMP is perfect for men and women, of all ages & fitness levels! Having a strong, fit, youthful, and energetic body is priceless.

You can purchase your gift certificate online right now! Personalize them with some great themes to choose from! To purchase a gift certificate (or to check out the page so you can forward it to someone as a "hint") visit http://www.BodyBusterFitness.com/page_gift_certificate.php

If you've noticed a friend or family member expressing interest in getting healthy, then a Body Buster BOOTCAMP gift certificate might be perfect for him or her!

Please VISIT: http://www.bodybusterfitness.com
OR CALL: (416) 619-4456 to Learn More about the Body Buster Fitness & Exercise Program!