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Bootcamper Of The Program

Congratulations Gerry

"One reason that I continue with Body Buster Fitness is that I would never be as successful on my own."

I have been a Body Buster member for 2 years.  I can not say enough about the amazing coach I have.  Kara inspires me to do my very best each and every time that I attend, but she is also keenly aware of when I (or other members are struggling) and works with us to do our very best. I really like the constant banter like ‘keep your head up’ and ‘Only 10 more!’ that remind us of what we need to do.  

Another thing that I really like is that EVERY single day is different.  I never feel that ‘Oh we did this last month’.  It is always fresh and I never know what to expect.  Well that is not quite true.  I do expect to be challenged, and I do expect to leave feeling that I had a great work out.  

One reason that I continue with Body Buster Fitness is that I would never be as successful on my own.  Body Busters pushes me to do just that little more, but not at the expense of not making it no longer fun.  As a result of Body Buster Fitness I feel more healthy and invigorated, and I know that I am more conscientious of what I am eating on a daily basis.  Hey why exercise if I am going to eat junk food? I would also like to say that while the instructors and the program are great, it is the other members that make the program worth coming to as well.  They are all very friendly and together we feel like a family that is striving to achieve the same goals.  

How can you lose with such a great TEAM!!


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