Monday, January 23, 2012

Body Buster Fitness Takes Group Fitness To A Whole New Level!

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Congratulations Robin - Bootcamper of the Program for January, 2012!

Congratulations to Robin - from the HP location!

I have been a member of Body Buster since March 2011.  Since then, I have lost 30 lbs. and gone from a size 12 to a 6. I feel much stronger and have found a fun and healthy way to manage stress.

The thing I enjoy most about boot camp is how good I feel after.  It gives me a great start to my day and I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I am able to push through and complete a really tough workout. I feel so much stronger.  I’m particularly proud of the fact that when I started, I couldn’t do a burpee to save my life and now, when Huy or Kara call out “10 more burpees!”, I can do it. I find myself really missing the workouts during our week off and am eager to get started with the next program. I also love working out in High Park during the warmer months.

Regular consistent workouts have made me realize the importance of a healthy diet. To sustain my workouts and see better results, I needed to clean up my diet. Although I still fall off the clean diet “wagon” from time to time, regular workouts help me to maintain a healthy body weight and get back on track quickly so that I don’t slide back into old bad habits. Overall, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my eating habits and feel much better.

Body Buster instructors are fantastic. They have really helped me make progress by keeping the workouts challenging and fun. My instructor, Huy, has helped me improve my endurance and push past the mental barriers that could have hindered me from realizing my own strength and fitness potential.  I never feel like I’ve wasted my time. Body Buster has really helped me achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time. That’s probably the single biggest reason I keep coming back.  I recently went from 2 to 3 mornings a week and I look forward to taking my workouts to the next level and seeing more progress in my strength and endurance in the months to come.

Thanks Body Buster!

Body Buster would like to congratulate you on your accomplishment!

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Awesome Job!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Body Buster's got a New Groove - and a New Video! Check it out!

Body Buster Fitness has released a new fun "anthem" - to go along with our new video on the Body Buster Fitness Program!

Check it out - and pass the link ( along to your friends and family to show them what the program is all about! They can see the kinds of things you do each time in class! Show them how hard you've been working and how fun fitness can really be.

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