Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Congratulations Natalia! - High Park Bloor West Fitness Bootcamp in Toronto

Congratulations Natalia!
"I am also amazed at the results you get in the program without all the fancy machinery."

I started my journey with Body Buster 3 years ago in February.  At that time I was a couch potato getting bigger by the month.  I decided that I had to do something, so I joined Body Buster Fitness and haven’t regretted it.  I truly enjoy coming to class because each class is different, challenging, never boring and you get the full body workout.  The instructors are knowledgeable, understanding and a lot of fun.  They push you far beyond your perceived limitations.  When I started I couldn’t do a full sit up, a push up or run, now I can do all of these things and more.  Wow, its amazing how far I ‘ve come.  Along the way I lost 14 inches and 30 pounds.

Since joining the program I find that my health has improved, my hot flashes have become less intense and less frequent, I sleep better and I’m more consciencious about what I’m eating – I don’t crave the junk food anymore. 

What I really appreciate about Body Buster is their flexibility.  Busy schedules and vacations sometimes get in the way of classes, but you can make up missed classes and make alternate arrangements ahead of time.  My summers are divided between cottage and town, but I am able to arrange my classes so that I can take advantage of the program and not miss out on exercising.  

Body Buster Fitness is unique because the program is outdoors from May to September.  Rain or shine, hot or cold, we are running, jumping, lifting and stretching in High Park.  I love being outdoors and it sure beats working out in a stuffy gym.  I am also amazed at the results you get in the program without all the fancy machinery.  Dani, Kara and Huey(spelling) are fantastic instructors, who are always encouraging and pushing us to do “10 more, just for fun”.