Thursday, March 5, 2015

Congratulations, Karyn! You're the Body Buster Fitness Feb-March 2015 Bootcamper of the Program!


"Being physically active can be fun and rewarding and you will get more out of life by saying YES to a healthier you"

I have been a Body Buster Fitness member for over a year and a half. I registered in October 2013.

What I like most about the Body Buster Program is the variety that each class has to offer. In the past I have done workouts where I found that my body plateaued but with Body Buster Fitness every class is a challenge (in a good way!) I also love the Trainers Huy, Dan and Travis they are always coming up with new activities to make the classes different and FUN. They know everyone by name, correct you if you should be doing an exercise differently, encourage and challenge you because they know what you are capable of doing.

I do not know exact numbers in weight or inches that I have lost but one thing for sure is I have toned my body overall and maintained my ideal weight.

Initially I had signed up for one full year to Body Buster Fitness programs because I was getting married in a year. It was the perfect timeline for me to get in shape, after I got married I decided to continue with Body Buster because it had become part of my lifestyle. I love how I feel after a class, I love beating personal bests, setting new goals and I love giving something my all.

The Body Buster program has made me feel the fittest I have been in a long time. I have improved in my overall stamina when it comes to my strength, flexibility, speed and endurance. I have doubled my hand weights since I began the class. I started off at 4 lbs weight, even though the class recommendation was 5 lbs (because I did not think I could handle it) I now can comfortably lift 8 lbs. I feel happy and healthy and I have Body Buster to thank for it!

By being a Body Buster Member I have gained overall a healthier lifestyle. I know the importance of working out and eating well and the benefits associated with it. I have also gained confidence while doing the classes with other Body Buster...They see you at your worst at 6AM with bed head, no makeup and sweating like a pig but we all show up, cheer each other on and commit to being fit, at the end of the class you're on a natural high and feel like you can take on the world. 

I feel it is important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle because you can only truly be your best self when those areas are taken care of. When you are being active and strive for a healthier lifestyle all those other aspects just seem to fall into place. You improve your longevity, vitality and your zest for life.

The Body Buster Program is a great place to start if you want to feel and look better about yourself. You do not need prior experience when it comes to exercising the Program and the Trainers will guide you in the right direction to better health and wellness. 

My advice to those who use every excuse in the book NOT to exercise is you only have one life to live and one body to take care of. While you are doing everything but exercising consider the negative effects you are creating for your body not only short term but more importantly long term. Being physically active can be fun and rewarding and you will get more out of life by saying YES to a healthier you instead of NO.

I think back to my first class and having self-doubt in myself after the class was over. However that doubt was also my inspiration and motivation to continuing with the Body Buster program because I did not like having those feelings that I was not able or good enough to do a Bootcamp class and I want to thank the Body Buster Team for encouraging and guiding me every step of the way! 

Thank you for choosing me for “Body Buster Bootcamper of the Program” it is definitely is the cherry on top and has given me new motivation to continue on this journey. 

XO, Karyn 
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