Monday, May 5, 2014

Body Buster Fitness - May 2014 Bootcamper of the Program

"Results will come if you put your mind to it."
We at Body Buster would like to send a big congratulations to Noel. Noel has seen very significant increases in both his muscular and cardiovascular endurance since beginning with the Body Buster program in January. He gives his all each and every classs and pushes past mental blocks and barriers when given tough exercises to complete. He definitely practices the "mind over matter" technique in the classes and has truly come a long way in all aspects of his health over the course of his Body Buster experience.

Noel is also a great classmate to have in the program. He is a positive and encouraging model for all the members in his class and has proven that with hard work and dedication to the program and his health, anything is possible. In fact, for the first time in Body Buster history - we had members writing in to nominate a fellow member for Bootcamper of the program! Not only do we at Body Buster think he is deserving of this honour, so do many of the members in his class.

Noel has made Body Buster a new part of his lifestyle and we are very proud of him and all he has accomplished in the program. Congrats Noel!

I have been a body buster since January 2014. What I like most about body buster is how motivated and focused I get during these workouts. I have lost about 4 pounds since Xmas. I am continuing with body buster as I am seeing a vast improvement in fitness levels. But I don't want to stop at that. I know I can reach a higher fitness level if I stay at it. In terms of overall health I personally think I am far more healthier than prior to joining body buster. Everything has changed. Eating loads of healthy food, drinking less alcohol, sleeping very well and I have lots of energy. 

What I have gained since joining body buster is learning how to lead a more healthy lifestyle, developing strength and how to maintain this. My advice to people who never took the program is to try it out.
You will get fit and knock of unwanted pounds if you listen and follow instructors advice and that bit of commitment from yourself and patience.  You have to make an effort to see results. Results will come if you put your mind to it and the trainers are extremely helpful to help you achieve your targets.