Sunday, June 5, 2011

Congratulations Anita - Bootcamper of the Program for May, 2011!

Congratulations to Anita - from the HP location!


I have been a Body Buster Fitness member for almost four months.  Body Buster is a great program because I am able to push my body to the max.  I had no idea just how far my body could push itself!  My instructor, Dani, is dynamic!  She has motivated and encouraged me to always do my best.  The vibe from my fellow Body Buster members is contagious.  I love being around these people who are all driven to exceed their expectations.  I also love the variety of activities that Body Buster provides.  There is NEVER a dull moment.

I have noticed a change in my physical appearance.  My clothes fit better (some are feeling a little loose).  Initially, losing weight was my goal.  Now, it’s the cherry on top.  My new goal is to continue to be healthy and active.  I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because I think of it as a part of my life.  I have fun and I get a sense of fulfillment when I complete each class.

I see how this program has materialized before my eyes.  I have introduced some exercises (burpees and wall-sit, to name a few) into my grade 6 class at work.  They love it!  It also gets rid of a lot of excess energy the students have.  I also see my own children wanting to learn some of “mommy’s moves” that I learned from Body Buster.

After becoming a Body Buster member, I feel stronger and my sleep is better.  I feel that my posture has also improved.  My husband has noted that I am less stressed after joining Body Buster.  Dani has helped me with my nutrition.  I have improved my eating habits which has helped me no longer feel sluggish by the end of the day.   

I have also gained a sense of pride and confidence from being a member of Body Buster.  I am proud to see how much I can challenge my body and how my body accepts the challenge each time.  I am pleased that I have committed to this wonderful program that is going to help me be more active with my children and be a positive role model to them.  In the past, I had joined many gyms and a variety of classes.  I have NEVER felt as satisfied with an exercise program as I have with Body Buster.

Becoming a Body Buster Bootcamper has been one of the best decisions I have made.  I want to thank everyone at Body Buster for their dedication to improving the lifestyle of all of its members.  I am honored to be chosen “Bootcamper of the Program”. 

Body Buster would like to congratulate you on your accomplishment!

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Awesome Job!