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Etobicoke High Park bootcamp ers of the program

Bootcampers Of The Program

Congratulations Nicole & Sam

"I have lost over 20lbs and several inches but what’s more important to me, is how I feel."
"Body Buster Fitness is a great way to commit to getting in shape and having a great time doing it."

I joined Body Buster Fitness with my best friend Sam in February of 2011. What I like most about the program is my instructor Kara. She has taken the time to get to know me and pushes me to do my best even when I think I have nothing left to give.  I also love the atmosphere and energy of Body Buster which helps me dig deeper and push harder.

I have lost over 20lbs and several inches but what’s more important to me, is how I feel. I feel more energetic and stronger than before. I am more flexible and have more stamina. Before Body Buster Fitness I was hiding behind an old knee injury and surgery thinking that I was never going to be active and healthy again. I now realize that I can’t hide behind that excuse and that I can make a change in my life. Body Buster has also helped me get serious about eating healthier foods because now I ask myself - why would I work so hard 3 times a week and not eat right? I stand up taller and walk with more confidence because of how this program makes me feel.

At the very beginning I signed up for 1 month, and then I signed up for 3 months, to then commit to 1 whole year because Body Buster Fitness works. I choose to continue to sweat with this program because of how flexible it is; the hardcore instructors; the variety of exercises; and the way I feel after I have given my all in a workout.

Joining Body Buster Fitness was one of the best decisions I’ve made because before it I was sluggish, grumpy and mad at myself for letting my body go. I used to be an athletic woman before my knee surgery and now after joining this program I feel like she is coming back. I have gained a drive to keep working hard and improving my health.

I recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a fun but challenging experience. Body Buster Fitness is for everyone because you chose your level of intensity and you set your own goals. The instructors are there to help motivate you and push you at every class and there are always modifications available depending on if you wish to challenge yourself more or if you need to dial it back a bit. But remember – NO PAIN, NO GAIN and they teach you how to listen to your body so you know if it’s just a mental struggle or your body struggling.

Thanks Body Buster Fitness!!

I have been a Body Buster Fitness member for about a year and a half.

 I got hooked on Body Buster Fitness right from the beginning. The class is always set up differently and there is always a variety of exercises; class is never repetitive or boring.

I started Body Busters to increase my physical fitness and to tone up.  I have done just that.

I continue to choose Body Buster Fitness because of how it makes me feel after each and every one hour class. The feeling of having nothing left in the tank, being hot, sweaty, and exhausted but feeling unbelievable because I accomplished another challenging class and pushed myself harder than last class.

Body Buster has made a substantial improvement to my overall health.  It has motivated me to be healthier outside of the program by eating better and running on our days off. My endurance and cardio has significantly improved which helps me be better at the sports I participate in.

Being a Body Buster Fitness member has made me much more confident in myself and in my physical abilities.  I have gained an addiction to Body Buster Fitness, working out, and being healthy.

Body Buster Fitness is great for any fitness level.  There are always modifications to every exercise to accommodate everyone.  Body Buster Fitness is a great way to commit to getting in shape and having a great time doing it.

Body Buster Fitness is very accommodating and flexible with the other things that go on in your life. The Body Buster instructors are amazing motivating people, especially my instructor Kara who gets the class through the hour workout with her jokes and her encouraging words.

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