Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Congratulations Erica!

Bootcamper Of The Program

I started with Body Buster Fitness Bootcamp in March 2011. After hibernating all winter and packing on the pounds I knew it was time for a change.

When I first attended orientation, the Body Buster team took us through a short introduction to some of the exercises we would be doing regularly, and I thought, what have I got myself into?  But after surviving my first class I knew I loved it. I am a big fan of variety and Body Buster classes are always different. I had no idea there were so many different ways to do a push up! I enjoy the camaraderie of the class and how welcoming they are to new members.  
I am very happy with my results, I have lost over 40lbs and 18 inches!
Body Buster has become part of my life. I have just enrolled for another 10 programs as I can’t imagine my week without my Body Buster classes. The program is so flexible it can accommodate any changes I have with my schedule.  I also find it helps me keep my stress level down. There is nothing quite like having a stressful day and going to a bootcamp class and giving it your all. It can be exhilarating and exhausting.
My overall health has improved immensely with boot camp. I have more energy, I am stronger and my cardiovascular endurance has improved.  I also find I sleep better.  Heart disease runs in my family and I know how important lifestyle choices are in prevention. I finally feel like I am making a lot of the right choices.  It is easier to commit to a nutrition plan when you are working out regularly. It is easier to work out regularly when you join Body Buster.
The gains from boot camp are both physical and mental. When I was finally able to complete push ups from my toes I was proud of myself. The physical capabilities lead to increased confidence. I achieve a great sense of accomplishment at every class. Some nights it is simply about making it through the class (yes they can be that hard) but other nights it is about the small personal victories (my 1km run time was better). I am a very competitive person and at boot camp you only ever compete with yourself. There are people of all ages and capabilities in each class and the exercises are always easily modified to suit everyone’s needs.  It really is great to see everyone push themselves at the coaxing of the instructors. Kara has that special touch of knowing just when to give you that extra push, (right about the time that you have nothing left). And for that I am grateful.  By taking time to take care of myself I am a better person to those around me. 
Body Buster is a great program with great people. It is worth a try. That’s what I thought over a year ago...
I would like to thank the Body Buster Team and especially my instructor Kara. She is always there to greet the class with a smile, whether it is pouring rain or sunny and 40 degrees. You know how to push us to achieve more and to support us when we are trying. I am so glad that I joined Body Buster and as you know, the real reason I continue with Bootcamp is so I can eat ice cream!!!  Thanks!

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