Thursday, September 13, 2012

Etobicoke Bootcamp High Park Bootcamp Five Years Of Fitness

The Body Buster Fitness Story

Body Buster Fitness was created in the Spring of 2007 when the creators saw a vision of a universal, results-driven fitness program which would bring fitness right into the neighbourhoods of local communities.  It was also envisioned to be the perfect combination of outdoor and indoor fitness allowing members to exercise in the best of both environments.

This program would not just be another "fitness fad" but would rather promote a well-rounded, healthy way of life. Working out Body Buster style would never get stale.

In Body Buster's Short history they have won numerous awards. Some include: "Best New Business" & "Best Fitness Club" in both Etobicoke and Bloor West Village from the Readers Choice Awards.  Most recently Body Buster Fitness has won "Best Bootcamp" award.

Body Buster motto is: "Work Hard! Have Fun! Be Well!®

At the launch Body Buster founders were questioned,
"Let me get this straight...

-You are going to run fitness classes at 6 o'clock in the morning,
-in a church basement,
-in the middle of winter,
-and you expect people to come?"

And our response...


You All Came!

Thank you to all the Body Buster Members who have supported our services over the last 5 years

and many more years to come!

Thanks For All The Great Memories!

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