Monday, February 10, 2014

February 2014 Body Buster Fitness Bootcampers of the Program

Linda & Mary

Linda and Mary are what we like to call "Diehard Body Buster Members".
Both ladies have seen major successes in the Body Buster program including huge increases in both their cardiovascular and muscular endurance. What is so great about both Mary and Linda is that they are in this together - and motivate/encourage each other during the process. Their positive attitudes and willingness to have fun while really pushing themselves in the classes is why they are perfect candidates for " Body Buster Bootcampers of the program". 

Rarely do we nominate two people together  - however this awesome pair of ladies were equally deserving. They have come a long way with their fitness since beginning with Body Buster and continue to push past barriers and do better and better every class.
Congrats Mary and Linda on all of your fitness accomplishments in the Body Buster Program. Here is what they have to say:

I have been a Body Buster Member for at least 3 years.
What I like most about the Body Buster program is classes are always different.  There is never a repeat of exercises. The instructors are so nice and very helpful with any questions I may have.
I have lost in one year 22 lbs. 
I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because I like the instructors and I like the challenge.
I have a lot more energy.  I feel better about myself because I am exercising. I never thought I could do the exercises that I am doing.  I feel better about myself because my body has changed for the better.
Try it, you'll like it.  Body Buster is great because the instructors will modify any exercise to fit your fitness level.
As you get older, if you want to stay healthy, you'd better make time for exercise.
I've really enjoyed my time going to Body Buster Fitness.  The people are great.  The instructors always try and make the sessions fun.  I always feel good after a workout.
We first started with Body Buster Fitness in April 2009. We started with Body Buster Fitness, we had a short sabbatical and returned in 2011.  I use “we” because Linda and I join together, we support each other and have a great time at Body Buster Fitness.
What I like most about Body Buster Fitness program is the ability to work at my own fitness level without feeling the need to compete with the other members (aka Linda).  I enjoy the different routines/exercises from cardio to circuit training, not knowing what to expect week to week.
I did not join Body Buster Fitness to lose weight or inches, I joined to increase my overall well being.
I have continued with Body Buster Fitness because I like how I feel, energized, mentally alert, the program works my entire body.  The trainers/instructors are passionate, engaged, friendly/fun, pushing each member at their own fitness level: teaching us mind over matter, learning how to breathe, changing the way we think about exercise.
In terms of my overall health, I feel as I have achieved and maintained a well balanced lifestyle, by reducing my stress and tension and increasing my strength and endurance level. I really feel good, and as much as I dislike the word exercise, I love going to my Tuesday and Thursday class.
Being a member of Body Buster Fitness has motivated and challenged me to be my personal best. I’ve learned many different fitness tips/stretching/extending my body/limbs, learn proper techniques for various drills and circuits. The thought of exercising makes me cringe, after every class I’m exhausted, but I love how I feel in the morning.  Body Buster Fitness is part of my weekly routine, like picking up/dropping off the kids, grocery shopping, meeting, etc.
I’m always telling my family, friends, co-works…and myself, stop using time as an excuse for not changing/making time for yourself in turn making good healthy choices.
At Body Buster Fitness I feel like I have a personal trainer in a group environment, I’m motivated, challenged and never bored.
Thank you Body Buster Fitness.
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