Monday, July 5, 2010

Bootcamp Benefits - Hear it from a Member!

Carly Says:

Body Buster fitness has been an amazing experience all around. Signing up was simple. Our instructor is absolutely amazing and always brings something new and challenging to class every time which makes it that much more exciting to participate!

The other people on the class make it an extremely positive environment so it always helps motivate you when you think you are about to give up. It is also nice to see the owners come to help out and watch some of the classes so you know they really care about your progress and not just a pay cheque. I am recommending these classes to a bunch of my friends so they too can take advantage of the amazing level of fitness (just in time for bikini season when we need it the most).

I have only completed 2 sessions so far but I am signed up for another 2 and will definitely be joining for the remainder of the year. Thanks for the amazing experience!

Register Today at - Remember, if you're going on vacation you can still work around it! Call 416-619-4456 for more information!

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