Monday, August 19, 2013

Langley Surrey Bootcamp


Lauren- Langley/Surrey

With the Body Buster program I look forward to each class as we are always doing different exercises.

I have been a Body Buster Fitness member for the last three weeks and I love the program. I plan to continue being a Body Buster member!
What I like most about the Body Buster Program is the support that is given to work hard and do our best.  I also love the personal attention that each person receives. I have learned how to properly use weights and what areas on the body that the exercises target
In the last three weeks I have lost almost 6 pounds but the biggest difference I have noticed is muscle toning and of course I am so much stronger already!
I have tried going to the gym but found it so boring and not motivating. With the Body Buster program I look forward to each class as we are always doing different exercises-  it never gets boring! I also love the fact that I can run up a flight of stairs without being winded. I have become addicted to working out – I love how I feel after!
I feel so much better overall. I love feeling more toned and healthy but the biggest change I’ve noticed is how much stronger I feel. I have found now that I am noticing huge changes I want to keep eating healthy and working towards my goals if being toned and fit.
I feel I have gained more of a work ethic when working out. By noticing a difference in my body already it has motivated me to attend every class and push myself more and more. After being able to run the 1km run I felt so proud of myself – something I know I couldn’t do without Body Busters.
Give it a try! I was nervous about attending my first class as I have never tried a boot camp program but I am so glad that I did. The Body Buster program is nothing like the gym. It provided way better results and most of all it’s a fun supportive environment!

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