Monday, February 28, 2011

Congratulations Melissa and Donovan! Bootcampers of the Program for February, 2011!

We would like to give a big congrats to Melissa & Donovan at the ES location!


We have been with BBF since April 2009 and are coming up on our second anniversary!
We love that each class is different - keeping it interesting, keeping our bodies challenged and our muscles guessing which is really important. But we probably love our instructor Kara most - her approach is the right mix of tough love and kick your butt encouragement. She really understands how to make us motivate ourselves.
I (Melissa) have gained weight but it's been in muscle. I (Donovan) have also gained a little weight in muscle. My cardio is much closer to when I was younger and was playing soccer almost every day. Muscularly, bootcamp has made me the fittest I've ever been.

We've continued because of how it makes us feel. It's tough, sure, but we almost always come away from a class feeling better than we did going to it. It's a great combination of cardio and strength training and Kara always keeps us challenged. Even after a long day at work and we're tired and sitting on the couch would be really easy - we remind ourselves how great we feel after the class and that gets us up and out the door. 

The program makes us feel great about our overall health and fitness because we know we are taking care of it. Having someone like Kara who knows just the right thing to say and when to say it to get people like us (the 'not' newbies) to push it a little harder keeps the program challenging. We feel stronger and happier and know that at the end of each class - we've pushed it by working out hard. We also sleep a little better. :)
It's an activity we do together - which is remarkable considering the differences between us. It's also a form of exercise that works really well for us as a couple. People of different fitness levels, ages and background can workout together and we love the program is designed to suite everyone. We've met a lot of great people in the last 2 years and we genuinely miss our Bootcamp mates when they miss a class.  We just signed on for another full year - it's addictive and we highly recommend it!

Body Buster would like to congratulate both of you on your accomplishments!

 Click here to view Melissa & Donovan on our 'Featured Bootcamper' webpage!  

Way to GO!

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