Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bootcamper of the Year for 2010 - Congratulations Julianne!

Congratulations Julianne R. 
From the High Park location!

We're thrilled to say that next program Julianne will have been with us for 2 years!

Julianne says that two years ago, she planned on joining for only one program... and she has been with us ever since! In these two years, Julianne has gone down 3 dress sizes and lost about 15 pounds. She has seen amazing results and looks great!

Julianne always does her best in class, and works extremely hard. Even though she has a busy work and family life, Julianne has made Body Buster Bootcamp a part of her lifestyle. She always manages to come to class with a smile, and makes the effort to attend every single class. Even if she has to miss a class, she always tries her best to do her makeup class, and when "life happens" and schedules change, she has worked Body Buster in by simply switching locations for a program.  

Being Bootcamper of the Year is about incorporating Body Buster Bootcamp into your life, which Julianne has definitely accomplished. Fitness and health is not just a quick fix, it is a way of life.

Three words to say about Julianne: Quiet, sweet... and a powerhouse! Over the past two years Julianne has greatly increased her muscular and cardio endurance, and has become generally stronger, healthier and she experiences an overall increased well-being.  
AND she looks fantastic!

Julianne is an inspiration to others in her classes, and to us at Body Buster for being such a great Bootcamper. We are so proud of you Julianne and grateful to have you as a member! Thank you for being such a "die-hard" member, and for representing what Body Buster Bootcamp is truly about!

Congratulations again, and keep up the fantastic work.  


The Body Buster Team 

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