Monday, January 26, 2015

Congratulations to Dali, the January 2015 Body Buster Bootcamper of the Program!


"Health is the most important thing in our life. When you are healthy all the other issues can be dealt with one way or another.""

Thank you to Body Buster Fitness for choosing me as Bootcamper of the program. I feel like I have very tough competition for this spot. 

I’ve been a Body Buster Fitness member for over 4 years. When I joined my weight was at an all time high and my self image was low. Group fitness classes work for me and knowing that my Body Buster family, which includes the instructors and my fellow bootcampers, are paying attention to me and my goals, as well as when I am absent from classes, helps motivate me to go to class even when I don’t feel like going. I know that I can’t do this on my own – I need Body Buster to help keep me active and motivated. Every class is different and every class is a challenge – even after four years. 

I’ve had a very positive experience with Body Buster fitness. From my first class I was made to feel welcome and part of the team. The instructors keep an eye on all of us to make sure we are not feeling overwhelmed and offer solutions and modifications if we are struggling or if we are finding it too easy. The first few classes were really tough as I hadn’t been active for a few years and getting back into it was difficult. I began to see results right away and it made me want to come back. Overall, I’ve lost over 20 pounds (I’ve lost the last 5 pounds several times!) and dropped two jeans sizes (hello skinny jeans!) 

More important than the external changes, I feel healthier and have more energy. Also, I came to realize that a healthy fitness plan necessitated a change to my diet. That combined with my Body Buster Fitness classes, has helped me maintain my weight loss and also gain a healthier self-image. Good health is an incredible gift and I’m doing everything I can to make sure that my family and I continue to enjoy good health. My family sees how important these classes are to me – it is part of our routine and I have their support to continue my fitness plan and keep working toward my goals. We are all active and more fit than before and I credit much of that to Body Buster Fitness. 

Thank you to Jamie who has always been helpful and accommodating of my requests. Also a huge thank you to all of my instructors, most notably Kara, Dani and Huy. They know when to push me and when to leave me alone and I appreciate all of it, even if sometimes it doesn’t look like I do. 

Thank you as well to my Body Buster Fitness colleagues who make every class fun. And the fact that we watch out for each other, cheer each other on, laugh together and commiserate helps very much. Melanie is my hero and I hope I can attend classes and run as fast as she can for many years to come. 

I highly recommend Body Buster Fitness to anyone of any fitness level. The classes are hard work but worth it. You’ll see changes in both your mind and body and you’ll have fun and make new friends. Make time for you and make time for fitness – you won’t regret it and you might love it! It is always so easy to find an excuse not to exercise. Make it part of your routine and your Body Buster instructors will help you with new challenges to allow you to meet your goals and then set new goals. 

I can do so much more than when I started. The first class, I couldn’t do a sit-up and ball pass seemed impossible. I’ll never enjoy burpees and I really wish Huy wouldn’t lie when he’s counting us down, but I do enjoy classes and I never thought I would admit to that. 

Thank you again, it is an honour to be recognized. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support – I literally could not do it without you.

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