Monday, September 8, 2014

Body Buster Fitness September/October 2014 Bootcamper of the Program!

I think sometimes, as adults & especially parents, we get caught up in our work/children and forget about ourselves. Doing Body Buster is actually fun and the end result is better health and wellness.
I've been a Body Buster Fitness member since January 2012.
 Initially, the appeal of Body Buster was the sheer variety of programming and exercises, the proximity to my home and the idea that by doing an early morning program, I could get exercising "out of the way" before the day even really began! As I continued on in the program, I began to appreciate the dedication and friendliness of the instructors as well as the great camaraderie among the participants. The variety continues to this day and I doubt we've ever repeated the same class.
I don't know how much weight or how many inches I've lost as that wasn't really the point of my joining. I wanted to be more fit, all over and I know I am! I actually have upper body strength where I had none before, and I find that I catch colds/flus much less frequently that I used to. Coincidence?!
I continue with Body Buster Fitness because I enjoy the classes (most of the time!); I really like my instructors, Huy and Dan and find them encouraging and positive; the other participants are great; and, finally, I "miss" it when I can't make a classes.
Although getting up for a 6 am class can be tough, overall I've found that in addition to feeling fitter, I'm very rarely sick. Even when I do catch a cold or flu, it doesn't generally last long or become intense.
I've regained some of my former fitness since joining Body Buster Fitness. This has ultimately led to better experiences outside of class: especially when it comes to endurance on active family vacations.
Body Buster is great for anybody. The opportunity is there to work at your own pace, with a gentle nudge once you are ready to increase in intensity and an overall feeling of fun during the classes.
My advice to anyone who claims there is no time to exercise is that there's always time. You owe it to yourself to make the time but you also owe to anyone who cares about you to be as healthy as you can be.

I think sometimes, as adults and especially parents, we get caught up in our work/children and forget about ourselves. Doing something like Body Buster Fitness is actually fun (in a strange way!) and the end result is better health and wellness. I have three kids, (11, 15 and 17) and I think it's good for them to see a parent who continues to be active and involved. They need to see that all the sports they do now do not have to stop once they are out of school and that physical activity should be as much a part of their lifestyle as eating and sleeping!

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