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"I feel that I have gained strength and endurance that I have not had in many years."
I have been a Body Buster Fitness member for about a year and a half.  I joined in July 2012 to try something new, get fit and get outdoors.
The thing I like most about the Body Buster Program is the variety of exercises.  You know you are likely to do squats at some point but the rest changes all the time.  It keeps the workout interesting.
In the past year, I have lost 8 lbs.  The weight took a long time and wasn’t really the part I noticed. I have gone down one, almost two, clothing sizes.  I saw this result faster and it is the one that people around me have noticed and for which they congratulate me.
I have chosen to continue with Body Buster because it is the only thing that I actually keep coming back to.  It may sound kind of funny but I am always well intentioned in my fitness.  With other types of activities, I would always sign up and intend on attending.  But, I could always convince myself to go ‘tomorrow’.  With Body Buster, the instructors have encouraged me to set personal goals and work toward those goals each time I come.  I know that the people I have met at Body Buster will notice if I miss and I look forward to seeing them too.
Since beginning at Body Buster, I have noticed my overall health improve.  I see it in small things like being able to run back to my house for something I have forgotten and not feeling out of breath.  I feel stronger, both physically and mentally.
I feel that I have gained strength and endurance that I have not had in many years.  I have gained new friends who have similar fitness goals as I do.  And, I have gained something that I do each week just for me.
I would tell people who have not taken Body Buster before they need to come and try it.  Everyone needs physical activity and many of us need someone to help us to figure out what activity works best for us.  I would tell people not to be scared off by the assumption that this is a ‘boot camp’ program.  The instructors help you to determine the level that is right for you and will give you challenges or modifications depending on your ability and goals.  Finally, I would say to come and try out Body Buster Fitness because you become part of a group that supports each other.
My advice to everyone who is busy is that the predictability of the Body Buster Program allows you to fit it in to your schedule.  For me, it forces me to NOT schedule meetings or work or other events during that time – my time.  But, if you must attend an event, there is flexibility in the contracts to change the date of a class or two.  With all of this support, there are no excuses NOT to exercise.
One of the best things about Body Buster for me is the accountability.  If I miss a class, I know some one will notice.  This helps to motivate me.  When I feel like I am too tiered to go for my workout, I think about the other people in the group, the instructors, and my goals and it motivates me to go.  Once I get there, I am always glad that I came and kept working towards my fitness goals.  And, the reward at the end of a 7:30pm class is getting to go home, shower, eat something and go to bed!

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