Monday, October 14, 2013

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Congratulations Patty

Patty - Langley/Surrey

"I feel like I have gained years of youth as I get stronger every class."
Patty's positive attitude and energy in class has inspired her instructor to nominate her for Bootcamper of the Program. Her commitment and dedication to the Body Buster Program has contributed to her 8lb weight loss! She registered early for the next program and we are excited to be a part of her fitness journey.
What Patty has to say:
I like that the trainer pushes me but  within my limits. I like that the Body Buster workout is a total body workout and most of all I like the results I've already seen on my body. 
I feel more energy. I can sleep much better and am a happier mom to my family as the stress from my job is erased every time I come home from a Body Buster Fitness class. 
I feel I have gained more mobility and self awareness of what my body is capable of.  I am more conscious of my mental health and deal with stress much better. I can focus on my work better just as I have learned to focus on my workouts. I feel like I have gained years of youth as I get stronger every class.  
Don't be scared to try. This course is for all fitness levels and ages and customizes to each person. You will be a better you.

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