Sunday, February 7, 2010

* Home * About Feeling Tired? A little out of sorts? It’s called the February Blahs! Body Buster has your Cure!

For a lot of people, the shorter, darker days and having to stay indoors/in vehicles due to cold weather takes its toll after a while. February is right smack in the middle of winter and around this time of year is when we hit our peak “blahness”!  It’s amazing what a good, vigorous workout can do to boost your spirits. Trust me, I’ve started to feel that way myself, and when I go to bootcamp, work my butt off and then come home… my goodness, what a difference! I feel 100x better and I swear it’s what gets me through the week.

If you’ve found yourself feeling the need for a boost and aren’t sure where to find it, give Body Buster Bootcamp in Toronto a try! New members save $30 on the next program starting on February 15th (enter promo code “online bootcamp” at Even if you haven’t worked out in months or even years, Body Buster Bootcamps are perfect for any age and fitness level, men and women! You will find that you are achieving results quickly and increasing your endurance class by class!

Challenge yourself today, and get out of the February Rut. You deserve to have something to look forward to every week, and it will get you excited for Summer because you will feel and look awesome!

Visit us at or call (416) 619-4456 for more information on the Body Buster Program!

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