Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Did you know? Body Buster now offers Personal Training and Nutrition Programs!

You asked for it, you got it!

Body Buster is now proud to offer Personal Training and a Nutrition & Wellness program!

What Do I Get With My Personal Training Program?

  • Amazing workouts with a qualified Body Buster personal trainer
  • Personal health assessment with PAR-Q including an assessment of the current fitness level of your heart
  • A structured, customized program broken down into different phases with specific cycles to meet your body's needs
  • Goal coaching and web material overview (downloadable) of your accomplishments
  • Basic posture analysis, nutritional habits review, and body weight and girth measurements

    Visit http://www.bodybusterpersonaltraining.com for more information and to register!

What Do I Get With My Nutrition & Wellness Program?

    • Online, one-on-one Nutrition and Wellness Counselling by a certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist*
    • A customized nutritional and wellness program, tailored to your goals and improved well-being
    • New Members receive a Body Buster Nutrition Guide
    • Monthly E-Newsletter
    • Initial Nutrition and Wellness Assessment
    • Meal Plan Assessment
    • Monthly In-Person Group Workshop**
    • Online Tracking System, Forum & Resources for Members Only!
    • Online and In-Person Interactions & Feedback throughout the four week program
    • Re-Assessment with an Individual Progress Summary

      Visit http://www.bodybusternutrition.com for more information and to sign up!

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