Friday, April 17, 2015

Congratulations, Stefanie! You're the Body Buster Fitness March-April 2015 Bootcamper of the Program!


"I have gained strength, speed and endurance from my Body Buster sessions which are noticeable in my other physical activities."

I started in 2012, stopped for a short time, but then came back.  

The classes are designed to continually challenge me.  They are designed to be multi-functional which is the most effective way to get results in the quickest time.  We get pushed to our maximum respective capacities – regardless of the fitness experiences of the individuals in the class.

I do not weigh myself and do not get measured.  I am not interested in stats – I see results, I wear the smallest size in clothes than I ever have and the numbers are not relevant to me. 

I had participated in other bootcamps before trying Body Buster.  At first, I switched as the location was more convenient but have chosen to continue with Body Buster as the trainers work me harder than I could ever work myself.  I don’t have a lot of free time and Body Buster maximizes my workouts.

I don’t feel like myself until I get a good Body Buster sweat on!  Body Buster is good for the brain and the body!  I was always disciplined with food & when I saw the results I was getting from my workouts, I took it a step further by fueling my body as I need to – nutrition and fitness go together.   

I have gained strength, speed and endurance from my Body Buster sessions which are noticeable in my other physical activities.  I came to Body Buster with fitness already being an integral part of my routine and I know they kicked it up many notches!  I incorporate Body Buster moves when I’m at home or away on vacation – Dani’s voice is always in my head – haha!

Without your health, everything falls apart.  Being healthy allows us to keep up in other aspects of life.  My son has always gone to the gym with me and has always participated in fitness – I want this to continue to be the “norm” for him rather than something “special”.

Body Buster works for all fitness levels – from beginner to conditioned.  There’s no judgement and the only competition is the one you have with *yourself*.  During partner work, I have been lucky enough to be in a group of energizing participants who urge you to keep going – there are no “haters” here.  All of the trainers are experts at correcting form, giving modifications and positive encouragement.
We’re all busy.  We can all find an hour a day to focus on our fitness as it is a top priority.  Again, it’s only 1 hour a day out of 24!  I have a husband/child/job and am lucky to have a supportive and active family who encourage me to take care of Body Buster business.  Body Buster is so flexible with their scheduling and make-up classes so there really is no excuse.
Body Buster has become an integral part of my schedule.  My motto for pushing myself is “do it now/think about it later” & the trainers know how to get me to reach that level.  Twice a week, I look forward to getting yelled at (haha) by Dani, Huy, Travis, Dan and Kara.  Their creative drills always electrify my muscles and push me to my personal maximum.  If they would only hold classes on weekends, I’d be there too! (hint, hint).  

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